Why Caclo

CACLO, is about Fashion in harmony with Nature.

 Created in 2012 by the thought that we can make a difference for our planet, I began this journey taking inspiration from my two lovely children. It all began by connecting with like-minded people across the globe who not only ethically were involved with the production of their organic products but shared the philosophy and respect of the environment which nurtures us. The understanding of the detrimental and unsustainable effects of chemical Agriculture & Production practices not just on the environment, but directly on our health, CACLO aims to provide a competitive alternative in fashion which is more in harmony with nature. From a seedling we are growing, with a customer base which is now becoming global, and we hope someday that this seedling can become a strong tree to help inspire a positive change in how we all look at fashion and make more conscious shopping decisions. 

                                                                                                                                                   Love: Suman A Maharaj


CACLOcreations has been inspired by the connection between Nature & our Kids. In an age in which we live, with chemical infiltration and its detrimental effects, into the many products around us, CACLOcreations wants to be able to provide an eco-friendly alternative. Our products are not only eco-friendly but also more gentle to our bodies and our inner health.

With our research into all the alternatives available out there, we discovered the many benefits of using natural fibre products for clothing, such as hemp, organic cotton, bamboo cotton and soy cotton. With the many allergies young children develop nowadays, providing products that are friendlier to their skin and free from the harmful chemicals, is what we aim to achieve. And this will expand not just for our children but everyone else who is interested in this philosophy.

We realize how important it is to inculcate a sense of responsibility among our children about their environment, as this will be a big part of their future. Natural products created and inspired from Nature herself.

Our Logo best represents what we stand for. In the image the embryo encased within the yellow lotus flower represents a human being in our most fragile state. And the stem that leads from nature to us is the umbilical cord, connecting us with the Earth, our environment. The yellow lotus flower signifies knowledge and learning, beauty and purity, which is symbolic of maternal love, in which the embryo hopes to grow from. Both the fragile embryo and the delicate lotus flower are protected by the cactus plant, which stands up to the test of time and the harshest elements, thus providing longevity and endurance. 


Some of the benefits of our products are:


  • Strong: Clothing made of hemp fibre is lightweight, absorbent and, with three times the tensile strength of cotton, strong and long lasting.
  • Weather Resistant: UV and mould-resistant, hemp is excellent for outdoor wear.
  • Versatile: Hemp can be blended with other fibres for different qualities in the garment.
  • Easy on the Environment: Hemp farming uses very little water, does not require the use of chemical pesticides or fertilizers, and is a readily renewable resource. No herbicides/pesticides required: Hemp can be grown with no (or little) herbicides, fungicides, pesticides, or other biocides. Improves soil structure: Due to its long roots, hemp replenishes soil with nutrients and nitrogen and helps control erosion of topsoil. Also, once harvested, any residue can act as an eco-friendly manure.
  • Hemp produces lots of oxygen: Hemp produces the same amount of oxygen while it’s growing that it would use in carbon dioxide if burned as a fuel. Also, due to its leaf/root ratio (this can often be 10% roots vs. 30% leaves), hemp can produce between 20% - 40% more oxygen than will be polluted.
  • Clothing and textiles: made from hemp have no residual chemicals that could affect our health (as many other fabrics do).
  • Hemp fibres: are one of the longest natural soft fibres. They are longer, stronger, more absorbent, more mildew and microbe resistant, and more insulated than other natural fibres, such as cotton. This means that hemp will keep you warm in winter and cool in summer. Moreover, hemp blocks the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. Hemp based fabrics block the sun’s UV: rays more effectively than other fabrics. This is true, even if it’s only a 50% blend with another fabric.


  • Eco Print: The use of soy textiles are good for our planet, because it is made from fibres that are spun from the ‘leftovers’ of the soy food industry. Because the plant itself is easily renewable and the fibre biodegrades more quickly than oil-based products like polyester, its use has minimal environmental impact. This fabric is so biodegradable that you could throw it on your compost pile when it wears out.
  • Feel of Fabric: Soy clothing is light and silky soft, with just a bit of stretch, to gently caress your body with its natural drape. It is called the vegetable “cashmere” because of its luxurious and soft texture, but you’ll likely agree it’s far better than cashmere because it’s so easy to care for. 
  • Moisture Absorbent: This eco-friendly fabric has excellent absorption qualities which allow perspiration to evaporate. This makes it cool and comfortable during hot weather. 
  • Anti-Bacterial: Due to its moisture management soy textiles are also anti-bacterial.
  • UV Resistant: This eco fabric will also protect you from the sun with its UV resistant qualities. 


  • Fabric: made from bamboo is incredibly soft, smooth and luxuriously comfortable: 
  • ‘Bamboo Dry’ – absorbs and evaporates sweat in a split second:  Moisture wicking. ‘Bamboo Thermo-control’ – bamboo fabric is highly breathable in hot weather and also keeps you significantly warmer in the cold than traditional fabrics.  Performance base layers for all conditions.
  • Antibacterial:  bacteria don't live well in this fabric.  So it doesn't get smelly even after many days :) 
  • Anti-static: so it sits very well next to your skin, not clinging to it. 
  • Sensitive: For sensitive or allergy prone skin, bamboo is perfect; it's also anti-fungal.  many people say it's the only solution they've found for problem skin UV protection: it cuts out 98% of harmful UV rays, so perfect for holiday/travelling cover-ups. Bamboo has natural anti-bacterial properties. This, combined with moisture-wicking, fast-drying qualities and natural UV-protection, make it an excellent choice for children's clothing and active wear for people of all ages.
  • Bamboo: is one of the world's most sustainable resources for the following incredible reasons, in no small part because it is one of the fastest-growing plants on the planet. This amazing plant can be harvested annually and will then regenerate itself from the roots, replacing the crop naturally without the need for re-planting or crop rotationBamboo fabric is softer than cotton with a texture similar to silk. It is a naturally antibacterial and hypoallergenic product grown without the use of chemicals or pesticides. It is also quick to absorb moisture, therefore keeping you dry and odour free. 


  • Eco-Friendly.
  • Anti-Allergenic.
  • Naturally Soft Feel.
  • More Breathable.
  • Minimal Shrinkage