Our Privacy Policy

Caclocreations emphasises on importance of privacy.

Caclocreations is committed to protecting the privacy of all our valued customers who shop or interact with us, and this policy sets out our commitment to you on privacy.

  • We always use fair and lawful means of collecting your information, and in most circumstances collect your information directly from you;
  • We handle your information securely and carefully, and only use your information if necessary to deliver you a service, or perform other necessary business functions and activities;

What personal information we collect will include name, address, phone and other contact details, merchandise information, and method of payment. We may collect your information for a number of reasons including to: deliver products or services to you, complete other transactions with you or on your behalf, improve our service, protect against fraud or theft, and provide offers that may be of interest or benefit to you. Caclocreations will not sell your information to other parties. However, we often need to share your information with companies who perform parts of our service delivery.

However, you can view and change your Personal Information we have stored in the "My Account" the Website. We will send you emails for new sales events, promotions, special offers, reminders, contests and marketing promotions. If you wish to unsubscribe, please go to the My Account section on each Website and update your email preferences. If you wish to cancel your membership and have your Personal Information removed from our database for any reason, simply contact us via the "Contact Us" page on our Website.