The best of Kids Organic Clothing Sale is ON

Hola Amigos, Thes Best time to revamp your kids' wardrobe is now. Get a great discount on eco-friendly threads, with a vast range of products from best of brands...Please use code LOVE4KIDS at the checkout. Hope you enjoy shopping these gorgeous products, as much as we do in displaying them.     P.S. the offer is available until Feb 28th, 2018. ..
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Posted: 31 January, 2018

Introducing Piccalilly

So what is the Piccalilly Way…..just follow the signs…. first turn towards organic clothing which is pesticide and pollutant free, then forward it is to giving back to those little farmers and supporting them on the way, by making their farms more sustainable and improving their livelihoods (they even own a small share in the factory), not yet there though, now u go towards a fair trade and ethical based road which fosters giving back to those who have helped piccallily grow, the workers childre ..
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Posted: 26 July, 2017

Welcoming Nomads at Caclocreations

Many of our wonderful customers have been asking for some more chic and classy designs which are not only fancy but Ethical and sustainable to wear during the office hours and those laid back yet delightful evenings. We have been on the look out for a brand partner since then. And guess what ladies the quest is finally over. So girls and boys, ladies and gentleman, please put your hands together in welcoming our elegant and accomplished partner, Nomads, a proud member of EFF (Ethical Fashi ..
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Posted: 22 June, 2017

Pop Up Store @ Beecroft Village- Celebrating Earth (Mother's) day

Pop up store at Beecroft village from April 17th -22nd. Stop by for a quick chat or shop a fantastic Green present for your precious mum.   See you around. xx ..
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Posted: 12 April, 2017

Welcome to the year of Fire Rooster

Dear Peeps, Wow, how does the time fly, 1 month gone and the very first blog of the year now...Anyway we missed you heaps. With the new year starting, we all have some resolutions to make. We made some as well, how about you? Did you make any too? Would you like to share yours with us? JUST IN CASE IF WE DON'T HEAR FROM YOU, GOOD LUCK AND MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU IN ACHIEVING THEM:) WISHING YOU ALL THE LOVE & HAPPINESS.xx   ..
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Posted: 07 February, 2017

Caclo's Greener & Merrier Xmas

Caclo wishes everyone a Merrier & Greener Christmas. May the love and peace conquer the world. May the Mother Earth keep giving us her most beautiful treasures forever. 20% STOREWIDE. Please use checkout code "HOHO20", for the joys of smiles & savings from us to you:) LOVEII PEACEII JOYII  magicaltimes#ecoshopping#greenerchoices#letthenaturerule#hempclothing#ecotees#organicyogaclothing#bamboopants#ecoaccessories#loveeverywhere#ethicalclothes#ecopregnancywar#ecostore#hempba ..
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Posted: 07 November, 2016

Have you planned your Father's Day gift/s yet?

Hello Beautiful Peeps, Have you planned your father's day gift/s yet? YES....NO....STILL DECIDING...NOT A WORRY! Here is our fantastic Eco range of men's clothing & body products with a discount of 15%. Please use code "DADLUV15" at checkout and share the joy of spending and saving at the same time.   SPOIL YOUR DADDY BEAR THIS FATHER'S DAY WITH MAGICAL MEMORIES & BOUNDLESS LOVE WITH OUR ORGANIC RANGE.       ..
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Posted: 21 August, 2016


To all our Fashionistas, Ever wondered how your clothing choices affect the world around? This link below depicts the harsh reality of fashion world, shocking but true. BUT WE CAN CHANGE IT BY CHOOSING WISELY, BUYING LESS, REUSING AND RECYCLING MORE AND SUPPORTING ONLY ECO- ETHICAL FASHION. CACLO IS ONE STOP WHERE YOU WILL GET COMFY, TRENDY, SASSY RANGE OF ECO- ETHICAL CLOTHING ..
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Posted: 19 July, 2016

Spoil Mum with our trendy & classy range of Ethical clothing & Body products....25% SALE STOREWIDE- use code "LOVEMUM"

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Posted: 04 May, 2016

Fashion Revolution week

 Are you supporting Fashion Revolution: Have you ever been interested in knowing the story of your brand and where and how these clothes are made? How about who is behind your clothes, which you drape around your body all the time?  Are you supporting fashion as well as Nature at the same time?​ If yes, then you are an absolute fashionista:) Thumbs up for that:)   Supportingfashionrevolutionweek#whomademyclothes#doyouspeakgreen#naturebalm#kite#hemphemphoo ..
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Posted: 20 April, 2016

Our love and gratitude to the spirit of Womanhood

“A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform.” ~ Diane Mariechild   We salute to the spirit of Womanhood, and we are expressing our gratitude by offering a 25% off on all women's wear- please use code "WOMEN25"* at checkout and gift yourself a Green outfit.   FOR THE LOVE OF MOTHER EARTH.....   *t&c apply. ..
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Posted: 16 March, 2016

Why You Should Go Organic with Your Clothing

If you haven’t heard the phrase ‘organic’ in the last few years you may find that you are living under rock. The notion of organic has soared in popularity over the last 10 year and there is no standing in its way as more and more products take the green route. You can now purchase organic food and produce ,laundry detergents, hair products and now even your clothes can be organic. It’s amazing that we can live in an era that makes living green and enjoying the benefits so achievable. Speaking o ..
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Posted: 22 February, 2016

Lets Celebrate the season of LOVE

  Caclo loves to share love with its friends by season's discount. Now buy more with our 15% sale:)   We are most alive when we're in love. John Updike ..
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Posted: 02 February, 2016

Caclo's Best wishes for 2016

Lets treasure more of our Magistic Mountains, Beautiful Meandering Rivers, Deep Oceans, Sun, Moon, Innumerable Stars, Lovely Woods & Amazing Mother earth this year.  Cheers to a year which is filled with Love, Happiness, Peace and Harmony.xx ..
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Posted: 03 January, 2016

Caclo's Organic Sale

Hello Dear Friends,   With mercury rising, have you considered an organic wardrobe.   CACLO is Always full of Inspiration. To celebrate the coming of a new season, please find your coupon code: ORGW25 , thats 25% off Store Wide.   Please follow the link    Good Planets are Hard to find.   Have a blissful day.xx    * Offer valid for limited period only. T&C apply. ..
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Posted: 11 October, 2015

Caclo celebrating International Yoga Day

“Yoga is like music: the rhythm of the body, the melody of the mind, and the harmony of the soul create the symphony of life.”  ― B.K.S. Iyengar Enjoy Yoga with our stylish yet comfortable collection of yoga pants, tees, leggings, capris in Organic cotton, Bamboo and Hemp.  ..
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Posted: 20 June, 2015

Lets raise a toast to our Environment..

World Environment Day is held each year on June 5. It is one of the principal vehicles through which the United Nations (UN) stimulates worldwide awareness of the environment and enhances political attention and action. Each year, in support of United Nations World Environment Day (June 5), the United Nations Association of Australia recognises innovative and outstanding environmental programs and initiatives from across Australia and the important work of Australian environmental ..
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Posted: 01 June, 2015


Dear Friends, Avail 20% of all clothing store wide, use coupon code- DEAL20 at checkout to enjoy your Green and Natural clothing at special prices:) ..
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Posted: 12 May, 2015

SALE continues..

Dear Subscribers, A big Hello and wish you a great start for a new year:) To contribute towards your happy start for a new year, Caclocreations' amazing SALE continues... Please use coupon code XMAS20 at the checkout to get your favourite products at discounted price:) Also please don't forget to leave your valuable feedback, as it will be very much appreciated. Have a great day. Cheers from Caclo team ..
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Posted: 06 January, 2015

EcoXpo: Sydney 2014

Hi Friends and Cacloers, We will be participating in an Ecoxpo, starting Novemebr 29th at prince Alfred Park, Surry Hills. Please follow the link "", for further information. A Great place to meet people with like minded philosphies. Free event during the day; bring your friends, family and neighbors to Prince Alfred Park from 10AM-6PM. Hope to see you all there:) ..
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Posted: 18 September, 2014

Our First Organised Event

Wow, Caclo's first Organised Event- A big thank you to our Suppliers (Do You Speak Green, Nature Balm, Kite, Cavvas, Hemp Hemp Hooray, Funmum), our Supporters and all our Guests for walking with us and making this a memorable milestone. Please check out our linked social media sites (can be found through our website) for further pics of the event. Through you, our shared philosophy grows stronger:) xo ..
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Posted: 04 June, 2014

Sustainable Fashion

According to Earth Pledge, a non-profit organization (NPO) committed to promoting and supporting sustainable development, "At least 8,000 chemicals are used to turn raw materials into textiles and 25% of the world's pesticides are used to grow non-organic cotton. This causes irreversible damage to people and the environment, and still two thirds of a garment's carbon footprint will occur after it is purchased." Eco-fashion also known as "Green Style" or ..
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Posted: 28 February, 2014

New year and Organic you

Dear Cacloers, Lets kick start our new year with a tempting Organic offer, which you can't refuse: All you have to do is to write a review/ testimonial at any of our social links and website and it will earn you a free Organic top/ tee, when you place your next order..   T&C: Offer valid upto a limited period only. ..
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Posted: 16 January, 2014

Organic Fashion

Stella McCartney Luxury fashion designer, and daughter of Paul McCartney, Stella McCartney wholeheartedly embraces environmental issues in an industry that is struggling to adopt universal sustainable production standards. Labeled as the fashion world’s conscience, she creates awareness through her holistic sustainable lifestyle, both personally and professionally. For her operations, McCartney uses renewable energy as the primary source of power, particularly for her studio a ..
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Posted: 19 December, 2013

Our Love For Our Kids

The only thing worth stealing is a kiss from a sleeping child. ~Joe Houldsworth HAPPY CHILDREN'S DAY...   A GIFT FROM US TO YOU.. ...ON THIS VERY SPECIAL DAY, USE THE CODE 2222*, TO AVAIL A DISCOUNT OF 10% ON YOUR TOTAL PRICE..   ENJOY SHOPPING..   *THIS CODE IS VALID UNTIL DECEMBER 31, 2013.   ..
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Posted: 13 November, 2013

Did you know?

All schoolbooks were made from hemp or flax paper until the 1880s. (Jack Frazier. Hemp Paper Reconsidered. 1974.) 80% of all textiles, fabrics, clothes, linen, drapes, bed sheets, etc., were made from hemp until the 1820s, with the introduction of the cotton gin. Henry Ford’s first Model-T was built to run on hemp gasoline and the car itself was constructed from hemp! On his large estate, Ford was photographed among his hemp fields. The car, ‘grown from the soil,’ had hemp plastic panels ..
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Posted: 05 November, 2013

What We Do !!!

As an alternative fabric, hemp provides all the warmth and softness of a natural textile but with a superior durability seldom found in other materials. Hemp is extremely versatile and can be used for countless products such as clothing, accessories, shoes, furniture, and home furnishings. The strong fibres make hemp clothing withstand harsh conditions, be it weather, work, or daily life. As a renewable resource from living plants hemp does not contribute to the greenhouse effect. The growing pl ..
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Posted: 24 September, 2013

Welcome to the CACLOcreations blog site

We are ready to set sail beyond the sunset. Welcome to the CACLOcreations blog site. Here we will be sharing with you interesting facts, fun things to do, and our promotions. We hope you will have as much fun as we will on this amazing journey.   ..
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Posted: 05 September, 2013